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US Senate vote on China bill seen by late July  (Reuters,2000/07/01,12:14)
U.S. Senate Republican Leader Trent Lott said on Friday he would seek a final vote on a landmark China trade bill by the third week in July.

New Accountant Law  (Shenzhen Daily,2000/06/30,16:26)
VICE-PREMIER Li Lanqing on Wednesday called on governments at all levels to do a better job in implementing the new Accountant Law which will take effect on July 1.

Xinhua decides to sell building near Pentagon  (Sichuan News,2000/06/30,16:22)
The Chinese news agency Xinhua wants to sell a building it bought near the Pentagon, which would calm fears and allegations from some members of US Congress that the site would be used for spying.

Israel seeks to solve China arms dispute with U.S.  (Reuters,2000/06/30,15:09)
Israel will send a senior defence official to Washington next month to try to resolve a dispute with the United States over an Israeli deal to sell an advanced airborne radar system to China.

U.S. business presses for vote on China trade bill  (Reuters,2000/06/30,15:07)
Big business on Thursday stepped up pressure on Senate Republican Leader Trent Lott to schedule a final vote in July on a landmark China trade bill.

Researchers test life-extending formulas  (Reuters,2000/06/30,15:02)
Chinese medical researchers say they have found herbal medicines effective in slowing down the inexorable process of ageing.

China says Taiwan insincere on better ties  (Reuters,2000/06/30,15:00)
China accused Taiwan of a lack of sincerity in wanting better ties, and insisted the island must embrace its one China policy before talks could get under way.

Pressure on Clinton to put off missile decision  (Reuters,2000/06/30,14:59)
A group of 45 U.S. China experts on Thursday joined a chorus of analysts and former officials urging President Bill Clinton to delay a decision on whether to deploy a national missile defense system.

Dushanbe summit to take aim at separatism  (Reuters,2000/06/30,14:55)
Ethnic separatism will top the agenda at a summit next week of the so-called Shanghai Five, China, Russia, and three Central Asian states, a Chinese official said on Friday.

Which cab would you hail?  (ChinaOnline,2000/06/30,14:17)
A recent survey of 1,700 people from 30 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities has sketched a portrait of the ideal taxi? red Citroen.

Taiwan recognizes 1992 China agreement  (Sichuan News,2000/06/29,11:24)
In an apparent concession to Beijing, President Chen Shui-bian on Tuesday recognized for the first time a 1992 agreement with China that made it possible for the rivals to hold historic meetings.

JIANG: strengthened ideological work vital  (Sichuan News,2000/06/29,07:54)
Jiang Zemin wants the ruling Communist Party of China (CPC) to put more emphasis on socialist ideological and political education to ensure that the country's modernization drive is a success.

China students win lawsuit for visa  (ChinaOnline,2000/06/29,07:41)
The lawsuit began after the Canadian Embassy in Beijing refused academic visas to the nine Chinese students, the June 21 Beijing Wanbao (Beijing Evening News) reported.

China calls war on drugs 'grim situation'  (ChinaOnline,2000/06/29,07:23)
A white paper recently issued by China? government says that despite the country? efforts to combat illegal drug use, China faces a grim situation in its war on drugs.

Large quantities of GM food in Guangzhou  (ChinaOnline,2000/06/29,07:17)
Although international concern about the safety of genetically modified foods is increasing, the Food Laboratory of the Guangzhou Bureau of Exit-Entry Inspection and Quarantine concluded recently.

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